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(Dream Empire), David Borenstein, DK / RC / USA 2016, English, Chinese version / Czech subtitles, 73 min

One of the most absurd consequences of China's efforts to adopt the American dream is the country's famous "ghost towns". For seven years the film maker followed the case of Yana, who left the countryside for the city in order to take part in China's economic boom. Her agency provided "Western mannequins" to developers who used them in a Potemkin village where they pretended that the newly built complex of buildings and entire neighbourhoods were gentrified in order to increase their sale price. Then the illusion crumbled. Several new owners found themselves deeply in debt and Yana herself came upon hard times. What was missing from behind the facade of concrete blocks was real life. Empty cities are becoming monuments to a misunderstanding about what is naturally shaped by a community of people in a shared space.

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