Dreams 0+

(Kvinnodröm), Ingmar Bergman, SWE 1955, Swedish version / Czech and English subtitles, 86 min

Susanne owns a fashion photography studio. Her favourite model, Doris, has just broken off her engagement to Palle, a student. When Susanne has to go to Gothenburg to take a series of photographs with Doris as model, she uses the opportunity to telephone Henrik Lobelius, and asks him to meet her. Susanne has been Lobelius´ mistress and she cannot forget him. During the twenty-four hours the two girls spend in Gothenburg, Susanne meets Lobelius, but realises what a coward he is. His wife surprises them at the hotel and after a violent scene proves conclusively that Henrik is tied hand and foot to her. When Susanne returns home she is cured of her dreams of a great love affair. Doris also arrives back in Stockholm dejected. She has had a depressing episode with an elderly consul who has offered her jewels and expensive clothes merely to attract her companionship. The consul´s daughter arrives on the scene and attacks her father´s egotism. Doris, it transpires, is strikingly reminiscent of the consul´s insane wife in her youth. When Doris returns to the studio, she is glad to throw herself into Palle´s arms.

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