Dromo, Tou Rembetikou / Link TV Block 3: Brazil 0+

(Život v rytmu Rebetika - Link TV Block 3: Brazil / Ways of Rebetiko - Link TV Block 3: Brazil), Timon Koulmasis - Iro Siafliaki / Various, FRA - ŘEC / Various 2003, original version / Czech sub-subtitles, 66 min
  • Rebetiko is the definitive popular music of Greece, often compared to fado or blues, both in emotional resonance and historical significance. Born in the dives and slums of Piraeus, and using straightforward, direct language to evoke the pain of haeartbreak, prison, drugs and exile, rebetiko first emerged from historical catastrophe: the expulsion and forced resettlement of Anatolian Greeks. This trauma led to the transformation of the sung improvisations of prisons and hashish dens into the voice of the disenfranchised. Ways of Rebetiko records and conveys this spirit so that the film takes on the rhythm and poetry of the music itself, revealing a parallel history of Greece as well as the persistance of myth, memory and desire.

  • Tom Ze "Um Um Oh! E Um Ah!" (1990)
    Lula Queiroga "Atirador" (2004)
    Skank "Uma Partida de Futbol" (2002)
    Nacao Zumbi "Blunt of Judah" (2004)
    Vania Abreu "Voz Guia" (2000)
    Mestre Ambrósio "Fuá Na Casa De Cabral" (1999)
    Totonho "Tudo Pra Ser Feliz" (2002)
    Rappin' Hood with Jair Rodrigues "Deixa Isso Pra La" (2004)

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