Drona and Me 0+

(Drona & ik), Catherine van Campen, NL 2009, Dutch version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 19 min
Drona and Me

Drona is crazy about buses and knows the stops of all the bus lines in Amsterdam by heart. He is of Hindu origin and has autism. We follow him through the eyes of his older brother, Arjun, who says: “When I was eight or nine, I got angry and said to myself: ‘What's with him?’”. Arjun finds it especially unpleasant when Drona occasionally sticks out his tongue at strangers. In such moments he asks himself what will become of his brother. But Drona has no doubts about his future: one day he will become a bus driver. The film has received a number of awards and nominations at international film festivals.

Following the screening there will be a discussion with guests.


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