Dub Echoes 0+

Bruno Natal, BR 2007, English version / Czech subtitles, 74 min

Can you imagine a world without dub? Postpunk, techno, hip-hop, drum 'n' bass and their offspring owe a big part of their sound to the riddims, rubbery bass and vast, echoing spaces of Jamaican dub reggae. Dub Echoes traces the 40-year history of the form and its influence, from the first instrumental "version" records to the pioneering studio wizardry of producers King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry to the dub diaspora that took the sound worldwide (most notably to the UK and Brazil) and provided the skeleton key for contemporary beat music, as attested to here by experts like Mad Professor, Sly & Robbie, Don Letts, LTJ Bukem and Thievery Corporation.


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