Dubstep / Noise 0+

(temná hudba & současný film…), uvádí: Pavel Klusák, 2008, 100 min

Dubstep / Noise dark music & contemporary movies… moderated by: Pavel Klusák

Dubstep comes from dark clubs. Noise comes rather from the rock and avantgarde scene. Both styles radicalize the sound of current (sub)culture: bass based dubstep rumbles like an apocalypse, like a danceparty in the ruins of the world, a bit sci-fi. Noise is a “pornography of music“ (Merzbow), poetry of noise, either in the quality or intensity. Audiovisual brings documentaries and videos from both these banks. We’ll see and listen to: Pan Sonic & Edward Quilt, Earth, KTL, Yoshihide Otomo, Maja Ratkje, Kode9, The Bug & Warrior Queen, part of the documentary Dubstep Drama and more. Note: The program is subject to change.


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