Dugma: The Button + Cyberjihad + Discussion 0+

(Dugma: The Button + Cyberjihad), Pål Refsdal + Hans Busstra, N 2016, Arabian, English, French version / Czech subtitles, 105 min
Dugma: The Button + Cyberjihad + Discussion

Dugma: The Button (57 min.)

(Arabian, English version / Czech subtitles)

Abu Qaswara comes from Saudi Arabia and Abu Basir is from Great Britain. At first glance they are ordinary young men. Except that they are eager to become martyrs in the name of Allah. They are suicide bombers and fighters in the ranks of the jihadist Al-Nusrah Front in the midst of the Syrian war, waiting for their moment. Their longed for journey to paradise, however, has its problems. The organisation's convoluted management or one's own family can be formidable obstacles. The film offers a rare immediate insight into the daily lives of Islamist radicals. How they think, how they live, their fears, doubts, sense of humour... A unique portrait of fanatical Islamism.

Cyberjihad (48 min.)

(English, Arabian, French version / Czech subtitles)

Islamic State and other terrorist groups do not limit themselves to using only traditional weapons. An increasingly globalised world offers extremists new options for spreading fear and hate. Jihadists are filling the social networks and other internet media with an increasing volume of their well-though-out contributions, and thousands of young people from around the world are falling for their propaganda. This documentary reveals terroristic strategies in the virtual world and also poses the question as to whether this cybernetic war can be won.

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