Dunaj of Consciousness 0+

(Dunaj vědomí), David Butula, CZ 2019, czech, 83 min

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Vladimír Václavek, musician, shaman and founder of the legendary music group DUNAJ, is called on a shamanic journey. He sets out on a pilgrimage to the discover the disappeared band, even though he was refusing to reunite the band for years. The original line-up - Josef Ostřanský, Pavel Koudelka, Pavel Fajt, lyricist Karel David and Vladimír Václavek - thus meet on a boat sailing on the river of the same name. They are headed for a festival in Banat, Romania, to play on one stage 20 years after the death of their mysterious frontman, Jiří Kolšovský. The power of the river, music and meeting with another DUNAJ icon, singer Iva Bittová, will bring about the rebirth of the band. The shamanic journey through the Danube accompanies Kolšovský to the other side and moves an eternally closing circle into a new story.

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