Dust of the Ground 0+

(Prach), Vít Zapletal, CZ 2015, Czech version, 98 min

Two brothers, the elder married, the younger with a lover and a young child, meet up at their parents’ country place after their father has a stroke. Over the next few days they deal with practical problems brought on by the situation. Moreover, the encounter allows the protagonists to reflect on older traumas. Newcomers fill the main roles, and “trying to say everything” is not one of the film’s priorities. “We started out wanting to shoot a somewhat different relationship drama,” says the director, describing Dust of the Ground at the point when they were looking for crowdfunding to finance the film. “Drop the old clichés à la love polygons, injustices, hatred.…” Here the characters live through more subtle problems – their own internal dramas rather than conflicts with others. The unifying motif is pain: each character’s relationship to a specific problem that isn’t directly related to their dying loved one. Thus a major role is filled by certain spiritual entities, something rarely thematized in Czech cinema.

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