The film party of Normal Festival 2012 0+

Normální festival, CZ 2012, Czech, English version / Czech, English simultanoues translation, 120 min
The film party of Normal Festival 2012

Guide Us Into Arts (maybe Marilyn Monroe comes, too)
The film party of Normal Festival 2012 Traditionally the evening presents a mixture of the year’s newest films from, for and about people with learning disabilities. In the seventh year of Normal Festival focusing on performing arts under the “Guide Us Into Arts” motto we are moving East in our film programme: come and see Labels (Olga Arlauskas / 2011 / Russia / 26 min) about people who are on the edge in Russia and a first night of Hoes and Skype (Kateřina Bubeníčková, Lenka Vochocová / 2012 / Czech Republic), a documentary about Gerník, a Czech village in Romania.


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