Hello! 100 Years is not a little! - Premiere 0+

(Haló, 100 let není málo – premiéra), Marta Kovářová, CZ 2019, Czech, 18 min
Hello! 100 Years is not a little! - Premiere

Hello! 100 Years Is Not a Little! is an animated rhymed story following the crucial moments of Tomas Gariggu Masaryk´s life, from his birth to the moment when he was elected president. The movie deliberately ignores the well-known presidential period and focuses on what has preceded and why was he so popular. At the end of the film, based on the president's desire to "look at the world in 100 years", the filmmakers allowed Masaryk to face nowadays facts that would make him wonder.

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Munifesto – Filmový festival k 100. výročí Masarykovy univerzity.


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