The Railroad All-Stars 0+

( Estrellas de la línea), Chema Rodriguez , ŠPA 2005, Spanish version / Czech sub-subtitles, 90 min

In an impoverished area of Guatemala City, prostitutes sell their bodies for derisory amounts of money in order to support their families. These women have become victims of the social system and an establishment where the police are more like another source of violence rather than protection. The prostitutes decide to fight against constant degradation and to defend their dream of an honest, decent life. They choose an unusual way of protesting by establishing a football team. When they are refused admittance to a national competition because of their social status, they begin travelling across the entire country and participating in local competitions. This documentary is an energetic and optimistic example of how in even the most difficult circumstances a person still has a chance to fight for their freedom and dignity. From harrowing testimony of a decaying society and the amoral way in which it treats human beings, this film becomes a joyful game, which is just as dramatic as a football match can be. Audiences are able to go on an entertaining and authentic journey across Guatemala where they get to know not just its landscape but also its soul.


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