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(Man), Soheil Beiraghi, IR 2016, Persian version / Czech, English subtitles, 90 min

With Leila Hatami in an astounding and non identical main role as Azar, I follows the unorthodox life of a multi-layered music teacher whose hands are long dirty in many wrongdoings. Addicted to the evil she conducts, she spirals down what seems to be a schizophrenic series of encounters and events that slowly lead her to an inescapable edge; all the while, not realizing that she is being watched by a pair of mean and envious eyes. 

Born in 1986, Soheil Beiraghi is a graduate of Industrial Engineering. He started his film career after graduation as an assistant and worked for over 10 years as a producer and a director’s assistant in more than 30 films. I is Soheil’s debut feature film which has received a wide critical acclaim upon its release in cinemas and in festivals alike.

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