I am Not Your Friend 0+

(Nem vagyok a barátod), György Pálfi, H 2009, Hungarian version / Czech and English subtitles, 100 min

Sára loves Márk and they are expecting a baby. He loves her as well, but he also loves Sophie. Sophie doesn’t like being cheated; she’d rather someone pampered her. That someone could be András, it’s just that he’s already pampering his wife, Rita. She in turn has a mercenary interest in caring for young Natasha, whom everyone would be happy to take advantage of. And what about Jimmy and especially Etele, who, by the way, has the hots for Sára? This group of contemporary Budapest inhabitants is bound together by complicated, mercenary relations, extorting emotions, and humiliating bonds of dependence. But then, in similar situations, men and women behave in different ways... His new project confirms director György Pálfi as an experimental provocateur. This highly cynical mosaic of alienating relationships came together in 20 days of improvisation by the filmmakers and nine amateur actors. A short documentary focusing on four-year-old preschoolers opens the movie – and of course, not even the little ones’ friendships could be described as idyllic...

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