I.block independent films CZ 0+

(I.blok nezávislé filmy ČR), Martin Bohadlo; Jaroslav Šika, Jiří Nebos; Šimon Štefanides; Petr Pekař; Jiří Vávra, CZ 2014, Czech version, 100 min
I.block independent films CZ

Multitasking - several processes running at the same time, more applications are opened at one time. Among the applications that run in the background, you can freely switch and always find them just as you left them.

Neighborhood council
There is a well-intentioned neighborly advice.

Two in One
For a young woman and her father landed sadness. But her husband does not take a family tragedy too seriously, and in a little inconvenient moment, he is carried away by the waves Czech ingenuity.

Ring of eternity
In the dark days full of chaos and violence starred love between a beautiful princess and a brave adventurer. However, when the princess is kidnapped by the diabolical sorcerer, her love must go to arduous journey, at the end waiting for luck or death.

Body full of happiness
Why do we often feel fat and ugly, even if we are not? It's the current media reality which constantly serves man as extremely beautiful and perfect in every way. The author of the film, therefore, decided that the six months placed in the hands of experts in the care of appearance, to determine whether it is a man of flesh and blood can not cope with their retouched patterns. Against the background of his personal story unravels through experts and well-known media representatives growing social problem, which often has fatal consequences. Will he become the "poster boy"? With what consequences? Is a perfect beauty the true path to happiness? Let's find out!


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