I Feel Like Disco 15+

(Ich fühl mich Disco), Axel Ranisch, D 2013, German version / English and Czech subtitles, 95 min

Florian doesn't want to learn to ride a moped, he'd much prefer a piano. What he loves most is dressing up in shiny costumes with his mum, and dancing to Christian Steiffen's hit songs, happily singing duets like “Dreaming of Intercourse...” His father, a macho coach of competitive diving, isn't exactly pleased, and Florian confides in his mum that he's afraid dad doesn't even like him... Then fate intervenes and both the father and son escape to their own fantasy worlds. Radu enters the stage, a handsome diver who can motivate every plump clumsy teenager to overcome their fear of the high tower looming over the pool. Flori must find the balance between his enchanting dreams and reality, while his father is awkwardly trying to get closer to him, under the guidance of hated singer and the person most competent – film director Rosa von Praunheim. Magical realism meets Ostalgie and humour in this year's audience favorite of numerous queer festivals.

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