I Served the King of England 0+

(Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále), Jiří Menzel, ČR - SR - NĚM - MAĎ 2006, Czech version, 120 min

The vision of success, respect and the position of an admired millionaire consumes the whole being of the waiter Jan Dítě. He witnesses all the crucial turning points of modern Czech history: he experiences the fame and the fall of the First Republic, fails to resist the collaboration with the Nazis during WWII., he becomes rich, is imprisoned, and finally, living in the deserted border area, he looks back at his life with wonder. One of the best works of Bohumil Hrabal has awaited its film version for many years, now realised by Jiří Menzel, a director famous among other things for his adaptations of Hrabal’s novels.

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