Idlewild 0+

Bryan Barber, USA 2006, 121 min

The town of Idlewild in Georgia state. The story is set in the sleepy American South during the time of universal prohibition. Huddled in amongst other buildings is a music club run by host and manager Rooster. Rooster is compelled – if through clenched teeth – to play along with the smuggling mafia who, apart from providing the club with banned alcohol, also offers essential “protection”, while his business partner and pianist Percival has to choose between his love affair with the attractive Angel and his obligations towards his father. The two leads in the film are members of the star-studded and critically acclaimed musical tandem OutKast (André Benjamin alias André 3000 and Antwan A. Patton also known as Big Boi). The sound track incorporates an alluring blend of thirties jazz, blues, swing, rhythm and blues and modern rap. This story of infidelity, violence and life-size dreams is enhanced with appealing choreographed dance numbers and minor but convincing cameos from various music celebs headed by Macy Gray and Patti LeBelle. (source: catalogue Karlovy Vary IFF)

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