III.block independent films CZ 0+

(III.blok nezávislé filmy ČR), David Březina; Jaroslav Beran; Martin Láník; Vojtěch Novotný; Lukáš Janičík, CZ 2014, Czech version, 100 min
III.block independent films CZ

Young couple buys a new apartment, in a quiet setting, overlooking the green. The joy of new housing, experiencing considerable disillusionment, fear and nejistotu.Blíží presidential elections and thus the mass release of prisoners. How them amnesty, it was a president can complicate life?

Mentally retarded boy Guga lives a very reclusive life. His only companion is a dog Maruska, for who would put even life. Even if Guga tries not to bother anyone, he is still bullied by his surroundings. He gets into a sticky situation.

The story of the married couple, whose strong mutual feeling occurs through various obstacles to their fulfillment.

Photographer T.
Thomas is a young boy of about twenty years, who went to Prague to reignite his life. He works as an assistant in a photo studio, where he faces a problem boss Mark. Photographic environment Tomas interesting, but after trying to start independent work, a problem arises.

A poetic story about meeting extinct piano teacher and teen girl full of passion, which yearns for the outside world, but for his illness to him can not get, and interconnection through music.


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