In the Holy Fire of Revolution 0+

(In het heilige vuur van revolutie), Masha Novikova , NL 2008, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 113 min
In the Holy Fire of Revolution

Garry Kasparov became famous as a world chess champion noted for an inventive style marked by sophisticated combinations. As an opposition democratic politician in the group Other Russia he takes the same approach. For that reason he is a thorn in the side of the governing powers headed by Vladimir Putin. This documentary by Masha Novikova captures campaigning and demonstrations before elections to the Duma in 2007. Kasparov and his team made up of young democrats and experienced dissidents visit 30 regions in order to hold discussions with local people and put across their demand for change in the country's government. However, being in opposition to Putin's government means great problems, with demonstrations frequently ending in police attacks and arrests. Groups of young people, including members of the youth organisation of the Putin-supported Nashi, often appear in the streets. They chant that Kasparov is a US agent because he speaks fluent English. This film is both a chilling reminder of how difficult it is to advance democratic politics in Russia and a portrait of a crooked and violent pre-election battle.


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