In the Name of 0+

(W imie...), Małgorzata Szumowska, PL 2013, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 101 min

The fatally charismatic Adam, a modern man of the cloth and a long-distance runner, stunningly portrayed by Andrzej Chyra, is a Catholic priest. He was forced to move on from his parish several times and he ended up in isolation out in the country. In the current parish, he supervises a group of young men - they are working there as an alternative to serving a sentence in a youth penitentiary. Among them is the sensitive Lukasz, who has a reputation for being a dangerous arsonist and who cannot swim. Conflicts are seething among the beautiful natural scenery, among the group of Adam’s boys, as well as underneath his composed posture - battles between a devotion to God and disgust towards the power and hypocrisy of the church, between suppressed desires and a right to love freely. Built on and reaching far beyond the controversial basis of the theme of homosexuality in the Catholic Church, In the Name of is one of the most praised Polish films of the year, having premiered at Berlinale’s Main Competition and winning the Teddy Award for best LGBT film of 2012.

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