In the Rhythm of Alena Kupčíková 0+

(V rytmu Aleny Kupčíkové), Jaroslav Černý, ČR 2010, Czech version, 30 min
In the Rhythm of Alena Kupčíková

Alena Kupčíková (1976) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts – AVU (Prof. Ales Vesely). She also studied at the Technikon Natal in South Africa and at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) Paris. Her artistic expression of conceptual features differs from contemporary artists. She came to drawing the provocative elements, which, instead of the classic way of drawing is made by gluing pubic hair.With this she fully reached the open display of intimate parts of the woman’s body. Together with “chlupatice” drawings she has recorded the intimate confessions of the donors whom provided the hair, thus exceeding certain taboos that accompany the prudishness of society. This way each painting has become a personal story. A.K. is not only respected, but also cursed because of her pubic hair pictures both at home and abroad. This appeared in France, where she was awarded & then censored in Paris by the First lady. In her conceptual thinking she came to search for the function of her mother tongue – the transformation of the system and events into sound and picture (music of the movement of the sun, music of orchestral human being (GPS) etc.) Searching for the language, which is not easy for her like for other 15% of the population with dyslexia and dysgraphy. Because she herself is marked by this handicap, she systematically started to look into the prevention of DYS and correctly guessed that it is especially important to detect this disability in children as soon as possible, at the age when they still can’t read or write.Without professional help, as is the case so far, they are expected to have worse results in school and thus a worse social outlook.Therefore she began doctoral studies at AVU(prof.M. Knizak) with projects of interactive tests/games and computer animation of “Syllabary” which can determine in children aged 4-6 years how far are the affected by dyslexia and dysgraphy.The story of the film shows first the art and the human personality of A.K. and gradually how and why she focus on helping DYS children.The second part of the film would work directly with children, who pass the test/game, and it proves what a child should master in order to be able to write and read. Animation of interactive “Syllabary” will help them in the understanding of their handicap and at the same time allow the use of their different perceptions of reality.

The author and guests will make a personal appearance at the screening!


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