In Witnessment of This Foray into the Unveiling of Destructive Fables Hail the Obliteration of All Myths Heretofore 0+

Vlasta Knittl, CZ 2010, Czech version, 85 min

17 concerts. 8456 kilometres, 8 countries. 18,000 crowns damage to the van. Vodka for breakfast. Endless motorways. Police, police, and more police. Signing autographs. Security guards and more security guards. Thousands of crowns of unsold merchandise. Being detained at borders for hours and hours. Lockdown shows to avoid neo-nazi attacks. Sickness. Screaming fans…

In 2006 the Prague-based post-hardcore/noise rock band Wollongong was tired of the western-European tour circuit, and wanted a challenge. They accepted an offer to go on a Russian/Ukrainian tour, and a challenge they got… This lo-fi documentary was shot by their roadie on cameras of varying quality. It focuses mainly on the live shows, but highlights the chaos that accompanied the tour.

The main participants of the film will make a personal appearance at the screening. A discussion will follow the screening. The screening is in partnership with the association Silver Rocket.


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