Indipendents Address TV Audience 0+

Various, USA 2000, English version / simultaneous translation to Czech, 118 min

1. The Ruling Classroom
Peter Bull, Alex Gibney | 57 min | 1979–1980
While Peter Bull and Alex Gibney studying at the University of California, they produced experimental films and worked as assistant producers in commercial television before collaborating on The Ruling Classroom. Using video they spent a semester documenting an experiment conducted in a Mill Valley seventh grade classroom in which students invented and enacted the political, social, and economic aspects of an imaginary country.

2.TVTV Four More Years
Top Value Television | 60 min | 1972
TVTV was formed in 1972 by Michael Shamberg, Megan Williams, Tom Weinberg, and Allen Rucker and enlisted the support of media collectives including Raindance, Ant Farm, and the Videofreex to provide alternative coverage of the 1972 Presidential nominating conventions. Top Value Television is TVTV's inside view of the 1972 Republican National Convention made broadcast history. While network cameras focused on the orchestrated renomination of Richard Nixon, TVTV's rag-tag army of guerrilla television activists turned their cameras on to the cocktail parties, anti-war demonstrations, hype and hoopla that accompanied the show.

moderated by: Dušan Záhoranský


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