Indivisuals Festival 0+

various, various 2011, 60 min
Indivisuals Festival

Animators, djs and vjs meeting.
Young Czech animation directors meeting, screenings, live audiovisual performances and different projects with heavy djs in BIOOKO. 

INDIVISUALS is a meeting of young Czech Animators, VJs and DJs who are going to perform and project their own works. Young animation directors are going to present you their student works. Also international directors' films will focus on social, philosophical and ecological subjects. The directors meeting workshop will open the backdoors of animating film and a freestyle drawing workshop will have realtime results of group drawings.

On the audio side we have strong Czech dj`s and producers such as UFON and ILAB from Zlin, MATOA and KABARET NOIS from Prague. Mainly focused on dub, dubstep and experimental analog performances. VJ side presents Vj SCREENSAVER (as known by his performances with Deus ExMachine and BJ Tzar), AKUZATIF (lately performed in LUNCHMEAT with King Cannibal as live drawing sessions) , with his loops and VVVV experience VJ LUPER, WNOISE and PADDY VIA. And a special analog A/V performance with HONZA KULKA & NAZLI KAYA is waiting for us.

Time schedulle:
Screenings and meetings:
3:00 pm – screening - turkish young animation
4:00 pm- screening - czech young animation
5:15 pm - directors meeting ( Czech young directors will be on stage to share their experinces in animation )
Heavy bass:
6:30 pm - Alef dj & Screensaver vj
7:00 pm - iLab live & Paddy Via vj
7:45 pm - Ufon dj & W
noise vj
8:45 pm – Matoa dj & Akuzatif vj
Experimenting quiet:
22:00 - Honza Kulka & Nazli Kaya
22:30 - Kabaret Noise
23:30 - Alef dj & "experimenting vjing"
0?:00 - Konec

All the profit will be shared among the artists.

Czech animators:
Adéla Šímová, Aleš Výmola, Honza Kulka, Libor Drobný, Marek Berger, Radek Doskočil, Kryštof Binder, Michael Carrington, Michal Kubíček, Lucie Strnadelová, Daniel Stanchev, Jan Štencl
Other directors:
Candas Sisman, Mert Kizilay, Onur Senturk, Akile Nazli Kaya, Denizcan Yuzgul, Jun Nito, Denisa Schwenk.


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