Industrial Elegy 0+

(Industriální elegie ), Daniela Gébová, ČR 2006, Czech version, 70 min

One hundred and fifty years ago, mining settlements started sprouting up around the Moravian city of Ostrava. The area began to be inhabited by people from various parts of Europe who came here looking for work. Director Daniela Gébová took a trip to these places where everything looks the way it did when the communities were first established. Today, these settlements are like an exhibition of industrial buildings where real people still live. These inhabitants still retain the original customs, values and memories of bygone eras. Thanks to the tales they tell, this film paints a vivid picture of an industrial landscape with a rich palette of personal stories and histories. At the same time it compares different times and regimes while presenting political changes and their impact on the inhabitants of a given region. This film is a colourful assortment of images comprising the bizarre recollections of a population where joy is mixed with sorrow and optimism is fused with desperation. This documentary provides a pulsating, multifaceted portrait of an isolated society, which has practically been forgotten in the midst of factory buildings, smokestacks and derricks.


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