Infiltrant 0+

Shariff Korver, NL 2014, Dutch – Arabic – French version with English and Czech subtitles, 87 min

Samir was born in Amsterdam to a Moroccan father and Dutch mother and has never had a sense of belonging in “normal society”. He compensates his feeling of inferiority by joining the police force and trying to please his superiors, but at the same time working to change the negative perception of the Moroccan community. When he’s offered the task of infiltrating a Moroccan drug cartel, he doesn’t hesitate a minute. This is his chance to finally validate himself. He soon discovers that the drug cartel is not as dangerous as was originally thought, and in spending time with them, he begins to experience, for the first time, a sense of belonging. Now he must decide what is important to him: his job with the police or his new “family”.

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