Inside Fur 12+

(Pels), Ola Waagen, N 2014, Original version, Czech subtitles, 57 min
Inside Fur

A group of Norwegian activists sparked a scandal several years ago at local fur farms. They secretly infiltrated almost a hundred enterprises, photographing and publishing shocking pictures of mistreated animals. Neither mass demonstrations nor subsequent government measures improved the situation, so animal rights activist Frank decides to push further. He gets a job on a farm and with a hidden camera documents the process of his training in breeding blue foxes. This ruse allows him to infiltrate not only fur farms, but also various business contexts and other places associated with the fur business. During the bold investigation, the video captures frightened animals in a desperate state, and in particular, the barbaric attitude of farmers and traders in regard to the lives of these noble animals. What will a few months on a farm do to Frank's psyche?

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