Interactive architecture: presentation of contemporary and near future media facades projects 0+

(Interaktivní architektura), Tim Edler | Ghislaine Boddington | Armand Terulli, NĚM | VB 0000, English version, 0 min

The German studio realities:united have specialized in the development of architectural projects that integrate the dynamic flows of information in an urban landscape. They have a vision of a changing architecture in which the buildings do not remain static and unchangeable for years, but in which they constantly transform their appearance by means of integrated visualization systems. Their most well-known interventions are their “mediafaçades” such as BLIX (Graz, Kusthaus) and SPOTS (Berlin, Postdamer Platz), interventions which transform the entire façade of a building into a data screen that reflects the activity of the interior of the building and its surroundings.

Bodydataspace (London) is a new collaborative unit researching and enabling the expanding integration between the human body, technology and architectural space. Led by architect and video artist Armand Terruli and performance technologist Ghislaine Boddington the group delivers content-led, community-connected, intelligent and innovative projects. Terruli’s background is with Vector Special Projects designing lightweight inflatable ETFE structures such as the Eden Project, Magna Science Centre and Kingsdale School, with the world’s largest variable skin/op-art roof. Boddingtons experience is in the participation of public and performers in motion reactive and telematic environments allowing realtime connectivity. The content generated is key, expanding perceptions and enhancing human attributes of relativity, identity, memory, touch and presence. b>d>s place the human body at the centre of this digital and architectural interaction, ensuring that public pathways to action are fulfilled, bespoke to client and community needs.

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