International Competition 1 | 2011 0+

(Mezinárodní soutěž 1 | 2011), various, 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitels, 91 min
International Competition 1 | 2011

This year’s 15 international competition films come from every corner of the planet and represent very different styles. Framed by Iceland to the north, New Zealand to the south, the United States to the west and India to the east, they fearlessly attack any genre and topic. It is a melting pot of films with awards under their belts, as well as some fresh newcomers. And even though Europe has the most representatives, because of the sheer number of films produced, there are also films from less obvious locations, including Iran and Thailand. The jury will award one main prize with a bonus of 5,000 euro and two special mentions. The audience will again be able to choose their favorite for the audience award prize from any festival section.

The Six Dollar Fifty Man
In Space
Guided Tour
Jenny & the Worm


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