International Competition 1 0+

(Mezinárodní soutěž 1), Various, Various 2000, original version / Czech subtitles, 97 min

Dienstag (Robert Wiezorek / Germany / 2004 / 9min.)
Lost in the monotony of every day life, lonely and without social contacts, stuck in the past – that is the life of the old couple. But surprising and yet melancholy ending shows that they still have hopes and dreams for another future.

Le droit chemin (Mathias Gokalp / France / 2003 / 13min.)
A 25-year-old prisoner recalls the story of his life. But something about the story is completely wrong…

Le retour (Marc-Olivier Picron / Belgium / 2004 / 19min.) Boris, a very old man, is brought to the Holy Family retirement home. When he arrives, long-forgotten memories begin to surface, and his behavior begins to change...

Töframaðurinn (Reynir Lyngdal / Iceland / 2005 / 13min.)
A boy turns to magic to escape the harsh reality of his life in a moving tale of how imagination can help one bear the unbearable.

Nejlepší je pěnivá (Jan Prušinovský / Czech Republic / 2005 / 18min.)
A bachelor meets his vision of ideal love in a ring full of bath foam.

Taxi Driver (Young-Chul Yang / Korea / 2004 / 13min.)
A man in his thirties drives a taxi. One day he picks up an elderly gentleman at the airport. The man's destination is none other than the out-of-the-way place where the taxi driver lives.

Offerte speciali (Gianni Gatti / Italy / 2005 / 12min.)
Shoppers flock to a supermarket during the summer holidays to take advantage of the summer sales. But one shopper, a shy and quiet transsexual, is about to experience something beyond his wildest imagination…

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