International Competition 2 | 2010 0+

(Mezinárodní soutěž 2 | 2010), various, 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 92 min

This year’s twenty two international competition films are a perfect demonstration of cinematographic diversity and the limitless form of film talent. Sixteen films from Europe, including one Czech representative, two films from Oceania, one from South America, one from North America and two from Asia are a bit of a trip around the world, but mainly they are very different from your usual commercial fare and not only because of the age of the filmmakers. The jury will award one main prize with a bonus of 5,000 euro and two honorable mentions. The audience will again be able to choose their favorite, winner of the audience award, from any festival section.

The History of Aviation
Edward's Turmoil
Moon's Palace
Good Advice


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