International Competition 2 | 2012 0+

(Mezinárodní soutěž 2 | 2012), various, 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 92 min
International Competition 2 | 2012

Rudi Rosenberg, F, 2010

In the school yard, Benoit loses a bet against his friends. His dare: to ask Aglaée, a disabled student, to go out with him.

Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys
Jens Assur, S, 2011

Nine scenes set in the People’s Republic of China, where national politics and strategy have unforeseen consequences for one life.

Valéry Rosier, B, 2011

Sundays or how Mankind faces the passage of time. That free time we try to fill at all costs. That same time we watch it pass by bored or laughing.

Éric Morin, CDN, 2010

In winter, northern Quebec, a Spanish woman lives a short and intense relationship. Intimacy in wide open space.

Stephen Kang, NZ, 2011

Blue is a hard working waiter in an Asian restaurant trying his best to keep his job. Blue is different from other people. He used to have a life, working as a fluffy TV mascot for a children’s program. Some people recognize him but most have forgotten him. One day he gets bad news.


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