International Competition 2 0+

(Mezinárodní soutěž 2), Various, Various 2000, original version / Czech subtitles, 99 min

Noc v hoteli (Matúš Libovič / Slovak Republic / 2004 / 8min.)
Sometimes a man is just a tiny gear in the machine of destiny and only later understands what role he played. At the moment, he is unaware he has helped another person, but after one night in the hotel his life changes. And not just his.

Hero by Nature (Roger Cantin / Canada / 2005 / 15min.)
A young boy is forbidden by his intolerant father to play with his Native American friend who lives next door. A tragic accident forces the father to overcome his prejudice.

Rybalka (Natalia Beljauskene / Russia / 2005 / 14min.)
How to fight for your honor, when duels are no longer an option?

Toz (Fatih Kizilgok / Turkey / 2005 / 14min.)
A series of micro-stories from an extraordinary couple's unusual life. Our view is obscured, and we find ourselves in the same dust cloud in which Osi and her lover struggle.

Muñeco de cuerda (Juan Manuel Figueroa / Mexico / 2004 / 17min.)
Every night a warehouse guard gives food and shelter to a homeless man and a little girl. But everything has its price.

Scen nr: 6882 ur mitt liv (Ruben Östlund / Sweden / 2005 / 9min.)
A 30-year old man is celebrating Midsummer’s Eve with his friends on the west coast of Sweden. He forces them to watch as he jumps off a high bridge into the sea.

Little Terrorist (Ashvin Kumar / India - United Kingdom / 2004 / 15min.)
A Pakistani Muslim boy mistakenly walks across the mine-strewn border into India and finds an unusual ally – a Hindu teacher who tries to hide him from Indian soldiers looking for the “terrorist” who crossed over.

Roach (Sven Hughes / United Kingdom / 2004 / 7min.)
Inspired by real events, this cruel black comedy tells the story of a man and a cockroach… and how one kills the other.

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