International Competition 3 0+

(Mezinárodní soutěž 3), Various, Various 0000, Various, 99 min

This year’s competition hosts 21 short films from 14 countries from all continents with the exception of Antarctica. The Czech Republic also has an iron in the fire. This collection of 21 films selected out of nearly 600 is the finest illustration of how inspiring can the world of diverse cultures become. The 2nd Prague Short Film Festival jury will present one main award endowed with 5,000 euro and two honorary mentions.

Drifting (Dérives)
The First Day Of My Life (The First Day Of My Life)
Klytaemnestra-Pocket (Klytaemnestra-Pocket)
The Story of Bubbleboy (The Story of Bubbleboy)
Silence Is Golden (Silence Is Golden)
Adults Only (Adults Only)
Spyhole (Judas)


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