International Competition 3 0+

(Mezinárodní soutěž 3), Various, Various 2000, original version / Czech subtitles, 98 min

O Almoço (Gideon Nel / Portugal / 2005 / 8min.)
A sunny day on the outskirts of a small Portuguese city. A large family is gathering for lunch. Unfortunately, it is a rather dysfunctional family…

Melodramat (Filip Marczewski / Poland / 2005 / 19min.)
A teenager, his older sister, and erotic fascination in an impoverished quarter of a post-communist Polish city. A story filled with frustration, humiliation, fear, aggression and suppressed hatred.

Schijn van de maan (Peter Ghesquiere / Belgium / 2004 / 15min.)
In a country ruled by a dictator, strange things happen at night under the silent, shining moon.

Everything in This Country Must (Gary McKendry / Ireland / 2004 / 20min.)
Northern Ireland, 1985. A teenage girl must choose between allegiance to her Catholic father and gratitude to the British soldiers who saved the family horse. This is a story of ordinary people caught up under the crushing weight of history.

Panorama (Marinca Villanova / France / 2004 / 14min.)
A family on the road during the holidays. One by one, they disappear… Not exactly your typical family road-movie.

Sister (Daniel Mulloy / United Kingdom / 2005 / 12min.)
A 15-year-old Cantonese boy, Richard, struggles to fit into his adoptive home in Wales. But on a cold winter morning, his nagging sister disrupts his daily routine. He is thrown into the situation he fears most, and his instincts take over.

Het rijexamen (Talullah Schwab / Netherlands / 2005 / 10min.)
Fifty-year-old Diana Roos takes her driving test. For the 26th time. But the inspector, arguing on the telephone with his wife, is not watching Diana.

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