Interview 0+

Steve Buscemi, USA 2007, English Version / Czech Subtitles, 83 min

Pierre is proud of his career as a political commentator. Now he is totally blown away by the news that he should make an interview with a popular star of a TV series. He does not know a thing about Katja and it shows up quickly in the interview. Katja is anoyed by him for his arogance and unpreparation and the they split very quickly. After a little accident they meet again to continue in the interview but this time in Katjaęs flat. But nothing stays the way it was earlier. It is not necessary for a political commentator to play fair and the blond star need not be stupid. What is truth and what lie anyway? Who is making the interview and who answers? The director and artist Steve Bushemi shot a remake of a famous film by Theo van Gogh.

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