Into Great Silence 0+

(Die grosse Stille), Philip Gröning, NĚM 2005, without dialogs, 167 min

\"Into Great Silence\" is a very strict, next to silent meditation on monastic life in a very pure form. No music except the chants in the monastery, no interviews, no commentaries, no extra material. Changing of time, seasons, and the ever repeated elements of the day, of the prayer. A film to become a monastery, rather than depict one. A film on awareness, absolute presence, and the life of men who devoted their lifetimes to God in the purest of form.

The film won a number of German and international film awards – among others the European Film Prize 2006 „Prix Arte“ for the best documentary; Bavarian Film Prize 2006 and the German Film Critique Union Award 2006.

The partner of the screening is Goethe-Institut Prag.

The media partner of the screening is civic association Kultura jinak.

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