Into the Clouds We Gaze 0+

(K oblakům vzhlížíme | Projekce na Náplavce), Martin Dušek, CZ 2014, Czech version/English subtitles, 66 min
Into the Clouds We Gaze

Every year, thousands of “tricked-out” cars participate in massive tuning meets. Abandoned airfields, enormous parking lots, or remote campsites become the stage for gatherings of enthusiasts who have devoted their lives to fixing up their beloved automobiles – everything from expensive sports cars to old and dilapidated wrecks. Supple bodies undulating to the rhythms of electronic music, glaring neon lights on the undercarriage, and the roar of engines that won’t let you sleep. Plus drugs, alcohol, sex and erotica wherever you look – all heightening the event’s debauched atmosphere. Morning is approaching and another tuning event is over. Some people, hailing in general from rural areas, invest all their money into their cars and spend hundreds of hours every year fixing them up. What magic underlies this curious love of machines? This untraditional observational documentary – a self-contained, strongly atmospheric portrait of a Czech guy whose best friend is his car – tries to find the answer.


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