Into the Light 0+

(Kwenye mwangaza), Peter Glen, USA 2007, original version / Czech subtitles, 82 min

Tanzanian sociologist Mama Lyimo looks for the reasons why the HIV virus cannot be stopped from spreading so widely in Tanzania despite an intensive information campaign. In interviews with villagers, many of whom live a long way from accessible medical care, we encounter deeply rooted prejudices and traditions, which have helped the spread of the pandemic enormously. For example, polygamy still persists in a number of areas. And that's not all: it is still considered good breeding to offer ones wives to male guests during celebrations and big get–togethers. A lot of people who have been badly affected by AIDS appear in the film. These are not just adults but children as well. Despite the gloomy statistics, however, the filmmakers believe that Tanzania will also find its way back into the light.


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