Inventura, in cooperation with the German festival Wie wir leben, presents: 0+

(Inventura ve spolupráci s německým festivalem Wie wir leben uvádí:), various, D 2009, German version / translated into Czech, 120 min

Your Child Has Down Syndrome - Prenatal Diagnosis: Blessing or Curse?
(Anita Read /2009/ 28 min.)
This documentary by German filmmaker Anita Read traces the life of a family into which a child afflicted with Down syndrome is born. After they overcome the initial shock and everything gets on track, there is another pregnancy, this time full of concerns and fears. The doctors are know the risks and recommend a prenatal diagnosis. Birte and Matthias are only too aware that the results could lead to an unsolvable moral conflict about whether every child really has a right to live.

Gefühlsecht und lebensnah – documentary about the German festival Wie wir leben
(Kilian Sterff /2009/ 58 min.)
The Wie wir leben (How we live) international festival of short films explores the lives of people with various kinds of disabilities. The documentary summarises the goings-on at the festival, including interesting interviews with filmmakers and jurors, and comments on film trailers.

Reporters for Ear Kiss Magazine – A Colourful World in Clear Language
(Christof Stolle /2009/ 28 min.)
Most of what one hears goes in one ear and out the other. Certain words and ideas seem interesting to us, sticking in our heads and becoming a kiss for the ear. In Bonn, Germany, there is a magazine with this name and it is produced by people with Down syndrome. The camera accompanies reporters on a trip to Dresden where they are collect material for a new article, tracing the creative process of people who see the world with different eyes.


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