Invisible - Illegal in Europe 0+

(Invisible - Illegal in Europa), Andreas Voigt, GER 2004, 89 min

Millions of people live illegally in Europě. Forced by circumstances, they lead a virtually invisible life. The German documentary maker Andreas Voigt decided to follow five such people for a year. Zakari, a deserted army officer, fled from Algeria, where his life was in danger. He has been living illegally in Germany for ten years - his story was “not serious enough” for a residence permit. The transsexual Edita from Ecuador feels at home in Paris, where she gets a new temporary visa every three months. Malika, a Chechen, just wants a better future for her daughter. And Prince is awaiting his compulsory return to Nigeria in a Dutch cell. Oumar, finally, has just set foot on European soil - he reached the Spanish coast from Ceuta - when his dreams are shattered. Without commenting or making any political analysis, INVISIBLE sketches five portraits of people who keep hoping.

The partner of the evening is Goethe Institute Prague.


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