Invulnerables 0+

Various, Various 2000, Various, 0 min

Set of gay short films on critical moments in life.

Germany | 2005
German version with Czech subtitles | 25 min
dir.: Álvaro Pastor
Elías, a young high school teacher, discovers that he is HIV positive. Right then he is starting a relationship with Pedro, one of his co-workers. He does not dare to tell him, afraid of being rejected.

A Short Chronicle of Illness
Israel | 2005
Hebrew version with Czech subtitles | 35 min
dir.: Eran Koblik Kedar
Micky has been waiting all night for his boyfriend, Basel, a Palestinian staying illegally in Israel, to come home. Strange phone calls and suspicious men waiting outside the building have made him edgy. When Basel returns, Micky learns that his boyfriend has been contacted in the past by the Israeli Security Service. This is how he sinks deeper and deeper into schizophrenic paranoia.

Seeing You In Circles
USA | 2005
English version with Czech subtitles | 21 min
dir.: Sam McConnell
This short bittersweet comedy tells a story about Jerome, a struggling writer with a broken heart, who decided to share his 30th bithday celebration with his ex-boyfriend Wade. Wade comes and brings his new boyfriend Cal with him. Yet this act turns out to be unfortunate.

USA | 2004
English version with Czech subtitles | 3,5 min
dir.: Charles Lum
A video interview with a performance artist EggMan about sub-cultures, behavior and the flexibility of the definition of black (noun, adjective…). It weaves through a verbal dialogue of unsafe sexual activities from a context where such behavior is normative. Definitions of the word “black” expose how definitions in language arbitrarily can and do indict both behavior and people.

Overdue Conversation
USA | 2004
English version with Czech subtitles | 9 min
dir.: Charles Lum
A dialogue about sex, responsibility and HIV. This short addresses AIDS with a new tactic - eliminating camera crew and cross cutting, the subjects/objects and audience become split-screen equals as participants, witness, and editors in a candid video confrontation over sexual truthfulness. As HIV mutates and proliferates, like so many video camera accoutrements, this conversation remains long overdue.


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