Iraq in Fragments 0+

James Longley, USA-IRÁK 2006, English / Czech subtitles, 93 min

Moving from deeply personal and meditative to fast-paced and shocking, this visually stunning film in three parts contemplates the future of Iraq in the aftermath of war. In Baghdad, a young boy from the Sunni community faces uncertain prospects on the bustling city streets. In the South, the increasingly radicalised Shiite Muslims gather to perform rituals once banned by Saddam, working themselves up into an aggressive religious frenzy. And in the vast expanse of the North, Kurdish shepherds and brick cutters muse about their future in a country torn apart by conflict. Hypnotic collage points at discontinuous break up of Iraq, the fragments of broken country may just be united by poetic story of the film document.

The partner of the screening is the International human rights documentary film festival One World. The discussion Five years after invasion – the presence and the future of Iraq will follow the screening with expert on Iraq issue Nisan al-Jazairi and american journalist and activist Arie Farnam.

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