Irene Schweizer 0+

Gitta Gsell, ŠVÝ 2005, original version / English § Czech subtitles, 75 min

An intimate portrait of the artist late in life, full of tremendous insight into the ups and downs of a creative career. Swiss pianist Irene Schweizer has devoted her entire life to the pursuit of an increasingly free and fully improvised form of music, which has rewarded her with the opportunity to achieve memorable and great works of absolute beauty and solidity, but has also caused her to endure long periods of deep loneliness. Coming from a background in jazz, Schweizer evolved into a true pioneer of the free-form piano and percussion duet. Gitta Gsell's film does not shy from a close examination, and presents this lifestyle in full: a cycle of endless touring, painstaking rehearsals, strained relationships and intense breakthroughs.

Before screening will be shown a short film Bouquet Final.


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