Iron Crows 0+

Bong-Nam Park, ROK 2009, ofiginal version / English and Czech subtitles, 59 min
Iron Crows

Eating means surviving. This seemingly trivial fact is something that is on workers' minds every day in the Bangladeshi port of Chittagong. Grim poverty has brought them to a ship scrap yard from other parts of Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world. Every day, barefooted labourers risk fatal injury while dismantling iron wrecks in terrible conditions. Around 20 such injuries occur every year. There are even children helping to carry pieces of ships weighing several tonnes in long columns. In this film, we meet the elderly Rufik, the young man Belal and the 12-year-old Ekramul. All of them support their family on a wage amounting to two dollars per day. Rufik makes a little extra money by carrying wood for heating. Ekramul is saving for clothes and Belal prays that he will be able to visit his wife and newborn daughter after half a year. Iron Crows is a brilliantly filmed documentary full of monumental footage from the port, as well as extremely intimate scenes revealing pure human desperation.

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