Is This Cinema? #2 0+

various, CZ 2009, international, 90 min
Is This Cinema? #2

BIRDS BUILD NESTS UNDERGROUND (Martin Ježek, Petr Ferenc, Michal Brunclík)
Go for the luck!
audio-visual space composition for 2 projectors 35mm, 4 gramophones and multicanal sound
year: 2009
lenght: 45'
Minimal expanded cinema in chance performance for two 35mm projectors and four gramophones, during which up to fifty three to six seconds long loops are created while using the old Soviet camera to a halved Tschaika format, as well as the classic colour diafilm.

URBAN SPACE EPICS (usa): musique concrete of Daryll Jonsson
Urban Space Epics evolved out of a series of projects and adventures, including work with San Francisco psychedelic light show artists, 20th century Los Angeles composers as well as street music in North Africa and Spain. The upcoming performance will combine epic ethnopoetics, kalimbas, electronics. For this performance a realtime mix of surrealistic and abstract film, shot on location in central Mexico and Southern Spain specifically for Urban Space Epics peformances, will accomany the music and sung poetry.


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