Is This Cinema? #7 0+

various, 2012, 120 min
Is This Cinema? #7

20001 (VJ Kolouch + Strangelet)
”20001”, (VJ Kolouch + Strangelet) - av perfomance. Common live audio-visual show ”Untitled” between sound artist Strangelet (ambient drones, soundscapes and modern glitch electronica ) and visual artist VJ Kolouch. ”20001” is live animation movie with improvised live soundtrack. Visual language of performance are most influenced by modernist scifi ilustration from the fifties and early sixties years of 20 th century. ”Untitled” is mystery story about lost civilization, abandoned words and empty cityscapes...
Jan Šrámek

Ivan Palacký & VJ Věra Lukášová: Carpets Curtains
Live performance of sound experimentation with improvised images succession accompaniment. Pure sonic/image situation characterized in volatile atmosphere and broken rhythm. Carpets Curtains
Ivan Palacký
Filip Cenek

Vangelis (Vojtěch Buchta + Draxx)
Audiovisual hommage to Greek composer Vangelis. Keywords : new world , the conquest of paradise , a new civilization , a utopia , birth, demise , another universe , a new Olympus, Blade Runner.
Vojtěch Buchta


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