iShorts - A Touch of Hollywood 0+

(Večer iShorts - dotek Hollywoodu), various, 2011, 120 min
iShorts - A Touch of Hollywood

The first time that moving images were presented to public took place in Paris. But do you know which city can be called the capital of film? The city where the biggest film companies reside. The city where everyone who wants to see their names in the final credits all over the globe goes. The city where, according to Hollywood Reporter, three of the five best film schools in the world are based. Yes, it is, indeed, Los Angeles, California. Those best film schools are American Film Institute, University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles. In October, the iShorts nights-goers will have the unrepeatable opportunity to see short films from these most prestigious universities and decide – are the Hollywood student shorts so good that they have no competition in the films made at Czech film schools FAMU and FAMO? Come and see for yourselves.


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