iShorts movie night - KIDZ 0+

various, 2011, 90 min
iShorts movie night - KIDZ

Short films about big issues of small people.

The main theme of the last iShorts screening night before the summer break is kids and the problems that they are struggling with. Little Max wants to be a lion, Pico is looking for a way home from Himalayas where he was sent by his parents. A little girl is scared to dive into a swimming pool, another one is waiting for her parents to go to sleep so she can work on her secret project and become “Beautiful Enough”. Child characters are a vital film topic and this is confirmed by juries of film festivals and awards. We are excited to screen the winner of the BAFTA 2010 (The Best British Short Film - “I-Do-Air”) or the film “The Road Home” which was chosen for Oscars 2012. iShorts are definitely one of the reasons why to look forward to the end of June.


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